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Buddha is the daughter of...


​Ohayo (father), son of multiple French and intl Champion, Jizo, and grandson of Multi World Champion Chynook.

Buddha is a lovely, rolly polly little female version of "Ferdinand the Bull" (The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf).

She loves to spend her time strolling around with a smile as she smells the flowers. She is always by your side or can be found in a cozy little spot in the shade watching the hens peck and listening to the birds sing in the trees above her. She loves her creature comforts and nothing makes her happier than a good snuggle in front of the fire at night.

Buddha is peaceful by design. 

Her theme song is "All you need is love" by The Beatles.

Buddha's Official Health Results


Buddha has tested clear of Patellar Luxation, Degenerative Myelopathy, Spinal Spondylosis, and the Multi-Drug Resistance Gene. She also has her DNA officially registered with the SCC (French FCI Registry).

Buddha's Grandfather, Chynook.


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