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Saké is the daughter of...


Multi Intl Champion and multiple Crufts qualified, ​Komo (father), and international Champion and Crufts winner, Himeka (mother)...

Descended from a long line of not only multi-intl champions but also stable, healthy dogs.

Saké is the spitting image of her father in not only her good looks but also her character and temperament. 

This little girl is nimble and quick and absolutely elegant. She is our cheerful social butterfly and the life of the party!

She loves to stir up the fun in any social setting, whether at the lake, on the mountain trails, or out on the town... she is silly, sassy, and full of class. A petite little diamond with a golden personality.

Saké's Official Health Results


Saké has tested clear of Patellar Luxation, Degenerative Myelopathy, Spinal Spondylosis, and the Multi-Drug Resistance Gene. She also has her DNA officially registered with the SCC (French FCI Registry) with maternal and paternal affiliation.

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