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The Breed

FCI Standard for the Japanese Spitz
(Nihon Supittsu)


Below you will find the official conformation, character, and temperament standard for the Japanese Spitz as intended by its country of origin, Japan. The Japanese Spitz is a wonderful breed. It was developed in Japan using the Samoyed and white German Spitz to create a highly social and much smaller version of the Samoyed. Happy, affectionate, intelligent, nimble, quick, clever, and inquisitive... These traits make this little dog versatile and highly trainable. The Japanese Spitz is an exotic breed, still considered rare in many countries around the world. They require attention and regular grooming. The Japanese Spitz excel at many activities including competition obedience, agility, fly ball, canicross/canirando, truffle hunting, tracking/trailing, dog dancing, companionship, and beauty exposition (let's admit it, judges just love the poofy white dogs the most and we all know it!) They are good with children and make an excellent family dog. The Japanese Spitz is a truly beautiful little dog, both inside and out. Like little, poofy rays of sunshine!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding this breed, our dogs, and acquiring a puppy from us. All of our puppies are sold with full registration which includes official FCI Export Pedigree and ownership documentation which will allow you to register your puppy with the AKC FSS (Foundation Stock Service), or the kennel registry of your country, which we can assist you with. 

 Good genetics are important and, in fact, are paramount to a long and happy life for your dog.

We strive to produce quality dogs who are not only beautiful but healthy and social.

Other Sources of Information:
American Kennel Club
The Kennel Club - UK


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